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La Plata County Compass describes one of the core strategies for a Healthy Natural Environment.  La Plata County supports the protection and enhancement of healthy natural environments on a local, regional and global scale.  The objectives include: maintain clean air and water; leadership in energy management and resource conservation; champion best practices in sustainability and climate protection; informed, educated citizens who understand local issues such as living with wildlife and natural hazards such as wildfire and floods; and mitigation of extractive industry impacts.

Bald Eagle perched on a snag along the Animas River

Bald Eagle along Animas River


Our Animas Water+ Community = Resilience publication
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CSU Study Magnesium Chloride Toxicity in Trees Fact Sheet

Administrative Record Index for the Redfield Site at the La Plata County Detention Center

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If you are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and looking for local records, please contact Leslie Jakoby at Leslie.Jakoby@co.laplata.co.us or 970.382.6376.