Cost-share available for noxious weed treatment

Cost-share available for noxious weed treatment
Posted on 06/21/2018

 La Plata County’s Weed Management Office has partnered with La Plata Conservation District to offer a cost-share program to assist residents, homeowners associations and ditch companies in treating noxious weeds.

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Eligible property owners, homeowners’ associations and ditch companies can be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of the cost for materials used to treat noxious and invasive weeds identified by La Plata County or the state of Colorado as priorities. The maximum reimbursement under the program is $600 per landowner, $1,000 per homeowner association, and $1,200 per ditch company. Weeds must be treated prior to applying for reimbursement.


To be eligible, landowners must have a county-issued weed management plan developed within the past five years. Applicants will be considered if La Plata County’s weed control coordinator confirms the presence of the targeted weeds or those Colorado List A, B, or C weeds: Weed treatment must be applied only to the lands described in the treatment plan and reimbursement is limited to 50 percent of the actual cost for materials purchased March 1 through Nov. 15. A weed management plan is not needed if a Colorado-licensed professional performs treatment.  If landowner hires outside help for pesticide application, payment must be made to a licensed applicator. Application deadline is Nov. 15.


To find out more about this program or to schedule a site visit to develop a weed management plan visit or contact Ben Bain, La Plata County’s weed control coordinator, at (970) 382-6470.