Board of County Commissioners' schedule for March 25 - 29, 2019

Board of County Commissioners' Schedule for Mar. 25 - 29, 2019
Posted on 08/17/2018
MONDAY, Mar. 25

There are no meetings scheduled for this day.

TUESDAY, Mar. 26

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute § 24-6-402 (4) upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the quorum present, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners will hold an executive session to discuss the following matters:

a) Personnel matters pursuant to Colo. Rev. Stat. § 24-6-402(4)(f) regarding a quarterly personnel update with County Manager and County Attorney

The Board will consider:

• Proclamation of March 2019 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
• Proclamation of March 29, 2019 as Vietnam War Veterans Day in La Plata County
• Approval of county cash requirements as prepared and posted by the Finance Department and direct staff to publish
• Approval of the Appointment of Independent Referees for 2019 to Conduct Abatement, Property Tax Appeal and Exemption Hearings
• Approval of the renewal of a hotel and restaurant liquor license for Kennebec Cafe
• Approval of the renewal of a bed and breakfast permit for Apple Orchard Inn
• Approval of the renewal of a bed and breakfast permit for Blue Lake Ranch
• Approval of a change of manager at Purgatory Resort
• Approval of a grant application for a Gray and Black Market Marijuana Enforcement grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs
• Approval of a letter of support for City of Durango Energy/Mineral Impact Funds grant
• Approval of the 2019 Annual Wildfire Operating Plan for La Plata County
• Approval of a letter of support to Representative Barbara McLachlan for House Bill 19-1210 concerning the repeal of the prohibitions on a local government establishing minimum wage laws within its jurisdiction
• Approval of the County Manager Candidates
• Consideration of appointments to the Board of Adjustment
• Consideration of the appointment of a regular member to the Planning Commission


8:30 a.m. – BOARD DISCUSSION TIME: The Commissioners will meet among themselves and with staff to discuss various issues. An agenda for this meeting will be posted by Tuesday morning at:


There are no meetings scheduled for the rest of the week.